7 Ways To Improve E-Commerce Site Ranking
11 Jun

7 Ways To Improve E-Commerce Site Ranking

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Creating an e-commerce portal is perhaps one of the best things you could gift to your business. With more and more people switching to online shopping, getting your business online and prompting people to buy more on this platform has become the need of the hour. However, what uses is an e-commerce website if it doesn’t figure among the top 10 search results on any major search engine?

You can now prevent this from happening by following these simple 7 tips to help improve your e-commerce site’s online ranking:

1. Don’t ignore the content:

Even though your website primarily deals with buying/selling transactions online; not educating people about a particular subject, always remember that content is king in the website business. Always aim for high-quality, relevant, and keyword-rich content – a favorite among search engines.

2. Focus on good SEO:

While focusing on delivering top content, also remember that content and SEO are partners in the search engine ranking game and that one can’t win without the other. To make your products more visible on search engines, you need a good ranking, for which you’d inevitably need good SEO practices.

Webcom Systems can help provide efficient SEO services in Adelaide for your e-commerce website, particularly on-page SEO. They will give your content on every page relevant Meta title and description, and make sure that all relevant keywords are included so that your portal doesn’t fall short of appearing in the top 10.

3. Link the content to your product:

Natural hyperlink-building within the content as well as providing links from the content to your product/service will go a long way in not only improving your e-commerce site’s domain authority but also bringing in higher visitor traffic.

4. Make sure that your shopping cart never feels abandoned:

This is important so that the search engine does not get the impression that your site isn’t working well with your audience. Make sure that customers complete their purchases on your site through successful checkout. If not, send them regular emails informing them that their shopping cart is awaiting their return.

5. Use more SMM:

Social media optimization or Social Media Management (SMM), as it is popularly known, is equally important as SEO. Both together will help improve your site’s search engine ranking. SEO works on optimizing the content and SMM ensures that you share your content more on your social media handles so as to drive more traffic and hits, thereby increasing revenue through Pay Per Click (PPC) digital marketing methods.

6. Make your site mobile-friendly:

Nearly one out of three customers get engaged in online shopping through their smartphones, primarily due to convenience reasons. Therefore, make sure to include a mobile-friendly version of your e-commerce portal, more preferably, a mobile app, and then see the tables turn in your favour.

7. Use user incentives to boost visitor traffic:

People are bound to flock to your website to try their hand at some exciting activity like competitions or giveaway offers. This means more site traffic and improved search engine rankings.

Follow these simple steps and avoid your e-commerce portal from getting lost in the crowd.

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