Money Transfer Software

Use the fully regulated platform to transfer money safely.

Run our software from any browser to send the fund to your beneficiary.

What makes our money transfer
software ( remittance software) unique?

We have a highly responsive team to help you in managing the transactions remotely


Centralize your business using our fund transfer platform

Our product presents you with a full solution. We know that all the businesses are different and we aim at fulfilling your needs by creating custom software for money transfer.


Manage your cash flow and transactions

We have chosen the best technologies to make a digital platform for money transfer. We help you to develop a good environment for growing your business.

  • A low cost and trusted solution to send money
  • Secure every transaction with multi-level authentication
  • Access to the software from your home or office

Use our software for global transaction

In the field of financial technologies, we have developed the best standards to create our products. Our latest money transfer systems will help you to get more benefits in the present financial sector.

Integrate our money remittance software to your business

It is the safe mode of sending money to your business partners, members and other persons.

Key Highlights
  • Have a control over your money transfer process
  • Technical architecture, fitting into all the business schemes
  • Adapt to legal money transfer process

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Various tools and modules
of our money remittance software

Install our easily deployable software and use the built-in functional features


AML compliance

Assess the customer details and find out suspicious transactions with our anti-money laundering software.

Data reporting

Share financial data and secure the account-related information easily

Custom interface

Get permission-based system and find information of various levels

Track details

At any time, you can look at the transaction history.

Customer management

Inform your customers about the successful transaction process.

IMPS and NEFT complaint

Use these systems for transferring money through our online portal.

Money transfer tool for SMEs and startups

  • Install the software from the first day of your business
  • Branchless banking simplifies your everyday tasks
  • Cost-effective tool for all SMEs
  • Remove the risk of flaws in the transactions

Money transfer tool for big enterprises

  • Reduce your financial and accounting stress.
  • Find more customers, choosing the online money transfer process.
  • Upscale your financial operations.

Why to invest on our software

We have a tested and verified money transfer engine, underpinning the efficiency of your business.

Simple money-transfer API

Our clients love the user-friendly API as it needs no special skill to operate

Approved system

Your money will not be at risk; it will access the right account.


You no longer need to stand in a queue in your bank for sending money

Smart data reporting

You can get detailed reports on transactions and the agent by checking the report tab

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