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Integrate Geofencing Applications to rest all advertising worries and make your brand more visible

Harness the power of Geofencing to get
your business back on track

No matter what’s the size of your enterprise, Geofencing applications give you the same power to reach customers as big corporates have


Beneficial to all Internet users

Nowadays, most of the Smartphone users use their devices to find out the nearby facilities.

We are able to develop this location-based mobile app for those customers. The users are able to find the local markets, cinema halls and different other things.


Grow better relationship with customers

We use this type of Geofencing technology for business owners and retailers. The potential customers in a predefined boundary will be able to know what products or services you offer to them. Through email or instant messages, you may send them notification.


Better interaction

This Geofencing technology is based on the location of the users in relation to others.

Check-ins are very common in the social media applications and it is one of the instances of Geofencing technology. The users will get these check-in notifications on their nearby social media friends.

Track everything

Geofencing Applications enables you to directly reach your local or most pertinent customers. So, strengthening relations among a company and its customers it works hard for each buck spent on marketing. But that’s not all, our exclusive geofencing solutions also gather significant data and information about each customer to help brands chalk out their future business strategies accordingly.

Key Highlights
  • Enables to focus exclusively on relevant customers
  • Unleashes brands true potential
  • Works round the clock

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Features in our geofencing-based application

We have integrated the features that serve all types of users

Send notifications

Your customers can have alert message on your ads and offers.


The automated check-in process helps in dealing with everyday tasks without any effort.

Easy navigation

Navigate from malls to office using our location-based application.

Regular analytics

Know the buyers’ approach to get engaged in any campaign. Use the data for future campaigns.

Send media

Deliver mobile optimized content including the SMS, videos and audios.

Smart communication

You can send notification to your customers to help them in picking parcel.

Application for the businesspersons and retailers

The retailers and several other entrepreneurs use geofencing application for various purposes

  • Find the location of the competitors
  • Manage the large workforce
  • Announce your company to move
  • Deliver your message in your locality

Application for other purposes

Apart from the retailers, the recruiters also use geofencing-based application

  • They target different schools and colleges
  • Send recruitment ads information
  • Spread their campaign details

Explore benefits of Geofencing Applications

Using the Cutting-edge technology, we develop the best applications for you.

Better Targeting

It targets customers in vicinity of a store and hence better targets customers to connect and create a personalized promotional campaign

Better Engagement

Delivering the real time product or service information it efficiently engages customer to establish a brand or make established one’s more valuable

Higher ROI

Geo fencing apps send personalized and targeted notifications only therefore it is easy to quantify as well as evaluate results assuring higher ROI

Collects User Data

Tracing the movement of most relevant customers it gathers useful data to well analyze the market needs and latest trends

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