Facilitates to trade with

Deliver win ready leads to get thriving revenues

Choosing the right stock from over thousands
of stocks is complicated

Golden Eye do this for you by making algorithm based accurate stock forecasts


Installs easily

Our Golden Eye Technical Tool is a center of excellence built to support core trading activities. Best is, no matter what sort of trading system you are using, our software seamlessly integrates with all and completely automates a trading process to generate sure shot returns.


Fulfill all needs

Identifying high risk stocks backed with real time analytics and easy to understand graphs it help investors make better stock market trading decisions. Going further, to deliver a best of kind investment experience it helps you anticipate market challenges well in time.


Market connectivity

Golden Eye offers wealth of unparalleled connectivity options traders need to improve their trading strategy and revenues. Our unique software architecture reduce latencies and provide direct route for quick access in major stock exchanges.

Improves your trading profits

GoldenEye is way more than just a trading tool – when you use it, you basically get a guidebook to register sure shot success in the stock exchange. To accomplish this it identifies and prioritizes the best investment that generates profits and more profits faster.

Key Highlights
  • Algorithm-based stocks forecasts
  • Pick stocks with care and without bias
  • Regularly monitors and reviews selection
  • Works any time of day and night

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Features to help investors make winning investments

With industries best-in-breed technical tool you are primed to win


By virtue of this exclusive feature investors can operate by considering 89 days moving average of stock market

Trade Alerts

Market oriented trade alerts that never let investors miss even a slightest of activity so that they can develop right strategy

Trading strategies

With a investor centric approach it provides 26+ plans to make investments so that investors can generate right incentives

Automatic calculations

Cutting edge software performs automatic calculations to eliminate any scope of hand operated error and reconcile with 100% accuracy

Charts and studies

Executes a technology driven reconciliation to give deeper, correct insights into the investors profitability

Market indicators

Use market indicators and advanced analytics within a framework to find out the data and price fluctuation details

Back-testing & scanning

Risk management tools back test and scan past records to categorize stocks so as to facilitate in better risk assessment

Market profile

Using data collected by the platform develops clear and scalable charting format for better planning and results

Put signals

ADX line can be above 25, you can find down arrow and bearish signal. This is the right time to place the put order for your trade.

Call signals

ADX line has to cross 25, you can find up arrow. The bullish signal confirms it and you will be able to access the market, placing your call order.

Explore benefits of Golden Eye Technical Analysis Tool

Unparalleled benefits that help you track how your investments are doing

Confident trading

Recognized at global level with thousands of satisfied stock market investors it ensures your investments run smoothly and thrivingly

Guaranteed returns

Brings in the right stock market leads to increase profits by focusing investments on the hottest investment prospects only

Trade integrations

Integrations with choice of 50+ brokers to eliminate 90% of uncertainty of stock market, save time and give complete control

Increases efficiency

Make investments more predictive and enables investors to spend less time in identifying and prioritizing thriving stocks

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