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Webcom Systems is a highly esteemed company with a team of talented and knowledgeable professionals in the finance domain who possess a high level of expertise in their respective fields.

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We are rapidly growing. Webcom Systems offers services to B2B, brokerages, and trading companies online. Our trading platforms serve many trading and B2B companies worldwide.


We have a dynamic understanding of the trading industry. We have been industry thought leaders, providing our clients with a clear direction and vision to stay ahead of the curve as finance and technology evolve.


Our aim is for you to be successful when it comes to trading. We have developed software that is user-friendly. We want to help trading companies bring their trading business to the next level.

Best Trading Platform - The Future of Trading is Here

Are you searching for a tailor-made trading platform software that can help boost your business income and customer satisfaction? Look no further!

Webcom Systems is providing a trading Platform to Brokers, B2B, and Trading Firms.

With our trading platform, you will get useful features such as analytics, tracking, detailed reporting, and order management. You can use technical and statistical analysis to select stocks and perform numerous transactions. Our trading platform also includes working with historical and real-time data.

Our Trading Platform Help You Achieve Success in Trading

We measure our success by yours, which is why our trading software is designed to simplify the development process for you.

Our trading software allows traders and brokerage firms to have all machine learning tools to analyze market flows, execute fast transactions, and manage accounts.

Our trading platform leverages cutting-edge trends and technologies to drive business growth for our clients. With a single click, clients can access a suite of features including currency data analysis, price monitoring, and deal management.

Trading Software

Our Success as Trading Platform Developer

Our sophisticated custom trading platform has turned out to be the best solution to several trading brands online.

Trading interface

We understand that every company has its own unique guidelines and standards that make it distinct from other companies. Many vendors in this area offer a one-size-fits-all solution which does not provide the assurance necessary to run your business and expand it. Experience a more efficient, transparent, and intelligent method of trading. Take advantage of the Shark Trader’s advanced platform designed to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

  • News feeds
  • Charting tools
  • Real-time quotes
blockchain based trading platform


Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals interact and transact with each other. It has opened up opportunities for faster and more secure trading platforms. With the Shark Trading platform, get a better understanding of how blockchain technologies can help to create a secure and efficient trading platform.

  • Peer-to-peer trade exchange
  • Digital deposit processing
  • Transparency in execution
  • Fund transfer and withdrawal from account

Wallet based trading platform


Having a wallet for an online trading platform is a must. With the right wallet, you can ensure secure, efficient, and cost-effective trading. If you are looking for the perfect wallet for your online trading platform, contact us.

Webcom Systems Trading Interfaces can be accessed through a Desktop, Client-Side Application, Web Application, and native Tablet/Mobile Applications. The Shark Trader platform has an advanced system for managing conditional orders. This system makes it possible for you to set a stop loss, take profits, buy stops, and sell stops even if the destination does not have support for those order types.

  • No issue of conversion to Fiat currency
  • Lower risk

Powerful Trading Platform

Every trader desires to be able to accurately predict future market trends. Shark Traders provides traders with a comprehensive suite of analytical tools for comprehensive price analysis and predictions.

Key Highlights
  • We start our work with a consultation with you to know your business.
  • We assign the work to our software developers
  • Our cross-functional team will deal with every aspect of the software

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What features you get in our
trading platform

We have integrated the features that make trading easier to all the novice traders

Analyze chart

This is a customization feature, where you can find the movement of price

Manage quotes

Add quotes in an easy way using our digital trading platform

Pay-in automatically

Through any payment gateway, the fund is easily transferable

Monitoring tools

Chose the limits for closing the tickets and positions automatically

P&L calculator

It helps in charting the loss and profit in the trading at the time of investment.

Manage account

Use our platform for the management of P/L and buying potentials.

Automated Trading Platform

What do you get?

We create algorithmic software that helps you to.
The software acts like a robot and deals with automated actions.

  • Find the market data
  • Filter the data
  • Process it

Financial Trading Platform

What do we do?

Our digital platform helps you to get the best financial solutions, including. We also create the best platform for visualizing financial data.

  • Spread trading
  • Liquidity

The ultimate exchange and
trading solution

Our team have the highly skilled resources to develop a unique trading platform.


We develop trading platform, which is capable of working fast. Use the scalable for investment.


We have gained much knowledge on investment, trading and banking to create a reliable software product.


In the present FinTech industry, we aim at presenting you with the safest solution by using the latest encryption technology.


Our user-friendly trading platform is compatible with all global exchanges.

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