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We help you in making the cricket games more interesting to the players. We create the best fantasy sports framework that makes it easy for the players to enjoy the game.


We add powerful features

This is the major step to start the process for creating the fantasy cricket application. We make the best effort to present you with a professional looking application. Our application will also be functional to the users.

  • Register & Login
  • Social Login
  • OTP Verification
  • Upload Documents
  • Trips Details
  • User Booking Notification
  • Chat with user
  • Earning Reports

Get highly polished application

We have the knowledge to develop a native application for cricket lovers. We try to stay updated on the best technologies that are useful for the development process. We make out fresh ideas for creating the best platform to play the fantasy sport.

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Using our application for fantasy cricket

Our fantasy cricket online application has all the essential features for the users

Lineup development

The users will be able to create team in their own way by choosing the players from various player sets, depending on the sports tournament or contest.

Real-time statics

Find the scores on a real-time basis. The team’s scores will be easily view-able to know the players’ performance.

Admin panel

It has an advanced design that helps users in creating games, dealing with finance and in viewing the reports.


Our application is designed to work with various currencies, including the virtual coins.


The users will be able to know their performance status by looking at this leaderboard.

Player cards

It shows all the details of the players, like their scores and their preference.

Fantasy cricket application - A profitable business

What do you get?

Lots of business owners have invested in the development of this application. In the gaming market, this is a highly lucrative field for investment.

  • With a reasonable investment, you will get a chance of gaining more.
  • Our application can process several transactions per second, and that is why we ensure no loss of data.

Fantasy cricket for the users

What do we do?

Our fantasy cricket application is attractive to the users for several reasons

  • Interesting like the real-world games
  • No need to go outdoors to play popular games
  • A way to earn cash through the games

Why to hire our team for fantasy application development

We are best as application developers

Unparalleled design

Our love for art help us in designing an attractive platform for the fantasy cricket online.


Our application is capable of managing several players at a time.


We use Blockchain technology and other latest technologies for developing a solid platform.

Knowledge on rules

As we are in this application development industry for several years, we know all the rules for creating the product.

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