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Our high-quality school management software Australia product helps you to do school management activities online


Get user friendly administrative activities

We used cutting edge technology to develop a school management software application. Our aim is to help you in increasing your school efficiency. Use our software to run the daily administrative processes smoothly. Our desktop and mobile-friendly software is designed for

  • Admin
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Parents

24-hour school management

Our cloud-enabled software helps in increasing the productivity of your staff. Although the school hours are limited, your staff will be able to access to the software from their own device. Automate various processes for managing school. Use the dashboard of our software at any time and from anywhere.

Highly customizable

Manage the school administrative activities in any way to:

  • Deal with the school researches
  • Track the details of hostel facilities
  • Control the library
  • Collect fees
  • Make time table
  • Create lessons for the students

Set a connection with every department of your school

We help you in transforming the way you are managing the school. Digitalize everything to deal with your resources.

Pros of using our software-
  • Reduces workload
  • Store your data centrally
  • Create collaboration of teachers, students and parents
  • Easy control over the administrative, academic and accounting activities

Activities that you manage
with our software

A school has a number of departments, creating a vast setup. Without an innovative software application, everything will turn out to be a mess to you. Input data, manage it and present it to others from a unique dashboard.

Admission and attendance

Simplify the admission process and choose the best candidate. Count the annual attendance of every student.


Track the vehicle number, bus route and driver identity. It is must for safety.

Monthly fees

Collect fees and send reminders from onethe user friendly interface. Generate fee receipt very easily.

Regular exam

Eases the examination process by using our tool. Take a paperless approach to deal with this process.


Manage the periodicals and books catalogue. Let the librarian do his job effectively.


Allot the rooms to the students and distribute I-cards to them. Track all the hostel facilities from one application.

Solutions to the teacher and other staff

Our software provides unique benefits to all the teaching and non-teaching staff. The staff can accomplish their everyday work without high manual effort.

  • Manage subject notes
  • Assign grades
  • Track the absenteeism
  • Create monthly report of different classes
  • Deal with error-free financial process
  • Schedule parents-teachers meeting
  • Control other resources of the school

Benefits for the parents

Using our School Management Platform parents can track the development of their child nd monitor his or her activities and performance. You will have a view at–

  • Your child’s personal details
  • Academic report
  • Everyday class performance
  • Refunds or due fees
  • Remarks from teachers

Incomparable solution from school management system software

We know how tough it is to manage the administrative tasks of a school. Now, it’s the right time to reduce your burden with our school management software.

Anytime and Anywhere

Have access to our software from any place. Increase the productivity of your staff.

Simple UI

No need to train your staff! Our software is user-friendly to all.

Easy communication facility

Send message to the parents using the dashboard of our school management software.

Strong security

There is no chance of leaking the confidential data of your school or educational institute as we have used the best encryption technology.

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