Start an email marketing campaign or
remodel it

Our software helps you to find an amazing performance

Trigger your email campaign with a few clicks

E-Connect with your clients regularly using our custom email marketing software


Manage subscribers

The subscriber list is easily manageable with our software. You will also be able to remove the unsubscribed and bounced email contacts. This is the best way of optimizing your subscribers’ list. You may create a list of new subscribers.


Create attractive content

Send personalized message to every subscribers. As your clients are different, our software helps you in sending the customized emails without much effort. You can add various elements to your email content.


Get advantage from constant tracking.

It is now easy to know whether your subscriber has opened your email. Our software has the special feature to help you in doing it.Send bulk email to the subscribers and then start your tracking activities.

Use electronic mail as the direct mode of marketing

Gear up the present customer base by sending them emails. We have applied the latest technology to develop our software product. Get a versatile email marketing solution from one platform.

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Features distinguishing our software product

Use our email marketing software to retain your customer relationship consistently


Our software responds automatically to your email sender.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

Optimize deliver-ability of your email and maintain the company reputation

Email design

Use HTML tools and templates to create and edit emails.

Manage contacts

Get advantage from the advanced filtering features and find the active contractors in your list.

Drip marketing

Target the actions, events and status to start the marketing

Contact segmentation

Create groups or categorize the subscribers in different ways.

B2B email marketing

With this Solution you will get the following:

  • Send professional strategic and content
  • Use industry-specific jargon to impress your B2B clients
  • Turn the best business prospects into leads

B2C email marketing

For this solution we will do the following:

  • Send a friendly message to your customers
  • Deliver solution driven emails
  • Track their response to your service or product

Our uniqueness as an email marketing software development company

Persuade your potential customers and get a strong output by delivering your promotional email

Consult anytime

Inform your needs for email marketing tool to help us in applying the right technology

No need of coding

You won’t require any coding skill to deal with our software.

Get marketing statistics

Find the report on your email-marketing program to assess your success.

Affordable solution

Run your email marketing campaign consistent with one-time investment on our software.

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