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Personal or business information that we ask during our association is meant to make our services better and deliver value. However, privacy of our customers, users and associates is of utmost importance for us.

Therefore, we always follow a transparent and sensible approach to collect, use and share information of our customers and associates. To help you understand this we have framed a thorough Privacy Policy highlighting each aspect about the privacy of our customers.

Our Privacy Policy also encompasses insights about how we handle and store personal information of our customers, users and associates. Our Privacy Policy applies across all IT services and solutions we operate and provide.

Further, note down that by hiring Webcom Systems services or entering into partnership with Webcom Systems automatically shows the affirmative consent of user or customer or investor that he/she agrees to our Privacy Policy.

Also, whether you have gone through this Privacy Policy document or not, by using our services clearly mentions that you agree with our Privacy Policy as a part and whole. Further, if you have any apprehension about our Privacy Policy or you disagree with whole document or any part of it than we strongly advise not to use any of our service or product.

This Privacy Policy document is conceptualized exclusively to cast spotlight on how we are securing your personal information in our procession. Therefore, we also strongly recommend all our investors or users to meticulously go through this Privacy Policy as a whole.

Also, note terms like “We”, “Our” and “Us” used in our Privacy Policy document stands for “Webcom Systems” and the terms “You” and “Your” represents our associates or customers or users. By term “Personal Information” we signify any sort of basic or business information that we collect or ask from associates or customers or users to deliver our services and products.

Who are ‘we’

Webcom Systems is IT Company headquartered in Australia but we operate and provide our IT services across the globe. To find more insights about our company visit our ‘About Us’ page. Complete details of our corporate address can be obtained from our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Type of personal information we collect

We collect certain basic details like name, mobile number, contact details, e-mail address, IP address, user actions on our website, links you click on, type and size of file names you download, email analytics data, frequently used search terms etc. of visitors of our web portal. However, in case a user chooses to further use or buy our services or products we may ask further additional information to verify and authenticate his/her identity. We also, ask personal information when a user subscribes to our newsletter, submits feedback or wish to enter in deeper one-to-one communication with our experts.

During your process of browsing our website we also collect technical data which we can use to respond to your queries and deliver alerts, notices or important information regarding use of our services or products. We basically ask for this information from all our investors or users while registering for the first time in order to maintain a responsible commercial communication, understand investors/users requirement, collect feedback and deliver products and services efficiently.

Type of information collected from first time browsers

We collect technical data of our users or visitors browsing experience like pages visited, average time spent, internet protocol address, browser plugins, operating system versions, cookies etc. The purpose of collecting this information is to essentially collect data to evaluate how users utilize our web portal. This further helps us to make our web portal more users friendly as well as to improve our services and products further.

How we collect users details

We mainly collect user’s data to make our web portal, service and products better. We classify our collection process basically into three main categories.

Direct information

This is the type of information that we directly ask from our users or customers or investors for providing our IT services and products.

Automatic Information

This is the type of information that we collect when our users or customer or investors navigate through our web portal.

Information from third parties

This is the type of information that we collect from publicly available users social media accounts and from third parties like our marketing and research partners.

How we use personal information collected

First and foremost we collect users information to deliver a better experience for using our services and products.

Besides this we use users information to effectively maintain a communication with them to forward latest tech new, tips and practices regarding our services and products. Further, we may use your contact details, e-mail ID’s or phone number to forward our latest promotional information, images, text, videos or links to promote our services and products. The sole purpose of these is to update you about our future business plans in order to serve you better. However, this service is optional you can limit or even completely opt out of this service as per your convenience.

We also use such personal details to send email asking feedback, suggestion and reviews of our users. Personal contact details are also used by our experts to contact users for offering support to resolve technical issues that first time users come across while using our services or products.

We may use or share such data with third parties to analyze customer behavior, market trends and for technical analysis so as to make our services and products more useful and cost effective.

Conditions under which we disclose users personal information

We may disclose personal information collected to third parties under certain specific conditions as mentioned below:

We disclose or share users information to third parties like our legal and financial advisors solely for our business purposes and to prevent any sort of financial or reputation risk, defend our business rights and to protect our intellectual property rights.

We also disclose or share users information with government authorities and regulators to comply with government procedures, rules and regulations. We also disclose or share users information to law enforcement authorities, government bodies or court of law in case of enqueries related to criminal or illegal proceedings.

However, in no way under any circumstances we never support any activity to rent, sell or share your personal information with any third party. We also completely restrict and discourage our associated third parties to forward any sort of promotional or advertising flyers, pamphlets, emails, text messages, phone calls or any other material for direct or indirect marketing or advertising purpose.

Security practices and procedures adopted for air tight safety of users data

Security of all our investors or users or customers personal information is our prime objective. To accomplish it we follow industries best practices and processes to transfer and store our users personal data.

Only specific trusted employees dealing with concerned functionalities and operations have access to our users or customer or associates personal data. We keep all your data safe at our independently owned server and secure system. In addition, to ensure utmost security we use latest next generation technical and administrative measures like data encryption, two factor authentication and password authentication to completely belittle any chance of users or clients information loss, unlawful admittance, mishandling, leak and modifications. Apart from this, to check whether all security measures are working satisfactorily or not a we undertake mandatory periodical review of all security measures.

However, note that to ensure complete security we may store users personal data outside national boundaries in a third country as per our convenience and storage policy. In any such case we are bound to follow the government rules and regulations of that particular country and which may vary from your country of origin or residence.

How we use cookies

In case a user browses our web portal his/her certain information is recorded by our sever as cookies. This information comprises of your domain name, date and time of browsing, IP address, proxy server IP address, pages visited, number of times you browsed our web portal, operating system and referrals if any.

We generally collect cookies information and other associated technologies like web analytics to serve our users with more precise information. Use of cookies and web analytics enables us to fine tune our services as per a user’s need, preference, wish, interest and liking. Cookies further assist us to authenticate users and remember user settings. In addition, cookies help us to measure the effectiveness of several promotional drives run by us.

However, all the information that we gather by using above means automatically gets deleted after certain duration of time as per government rules and regulations. Further, all users have an open opportunity to access our services without cookies. To put it in other words acceptance or rejection of cookies solely depends on a user’s discretion. To execute this user need to make definite modifications in the web browser settings to debar cookies.

For how long we keep our users information

We hold our users or customer or associates personal or business information only for the time period for which it is required to deliver a specific service or product. However, to comply with legal obligation, government procedures, prevent frauds, resolve disputes, problem troubleshooting information retention time period may be little longer than the original time period of delivering a service or product. After termination of all legal and other obligations of our policies and procedures our system automatically erases or deletes or anonymise all sensitive information of users or customers or associates.

We owe no responsibility in case any damage occurs due to our digital correspondence

In all circumstances we wish to highlight that we do not take any responsibility and accountability or guarantee safety of our e-mails or other promotional information like images, flyers, videos, animations etc. that we may forward using digital methods is absolutely virus free. Therefore, we strongly advocate all our users or customers or associates to use their judgment or discretion before accessing any such promotional message or information.

At no stage, under any circumstances, under any law or regulation a user cannot hold us accountable or responsible directly or indirectly for any sort of damage or financial loss or data loss. Further, we will not pay any sort of financial or non-financial compensation or fine or penalty or reward in case any sort of damage or financial loss or data loss occurs because of opening or use of our promotional messages and even our web portal.

Can we change this current Privacy Policy

We can change this Privacy Policy document as a whole or part of it as per our discretion and convenience without taking any permission from any of our investor or user. The date of last revision is mentioned on the top of this document which will automatically revise to new date in case of any change, if done.

However, we will notify the same by publishing a notification regarding the change on our website’s main web page. Considering this we advise all our investors or users to keep on checking our website on regular interval to avoid any communication gap.


Last but not least, in all circumstances irrespective of the fact whether you have thoroughly or partially gone through our ‘Privacy Policy’ or not, by using our services or products automatically intend that you well understand our ‘Privacy Policy’.

Also, note down that our ‘Privacy Policy’ document is a legally obligatory agreement between us and you. By agreeing with our ‘Privacy Policy’ a users is also giving consent to collect, use, disclose and transfer collected personal information to deliver our services and products.

Taking this into consideration we advocate all our users or customers or associates to precisely read and understand our ‘Privacy Policy’ as a whole before using any of our services or products.

Contact Us

In case of any query or apprehension about this Privacy Policy document as a whole or a part of it please feel free to contact us at [email protected]