Animating The Future – Video Animation Services
18 Jun

Animating The Future – Video Animation Services

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What is Video Animation?

A more engaging way to lay out your notion, Video Animation has steadily walked into the middle of the things. It has witnessed a stupendous growth over the last decade and is on the route to form a field of its own. In essence, video animation is a system where movement is implanted in the pictures to establish a more inclusive vibe.

A bit about its journey

Surprisingly, the animation was an idea that was realized before even cinematography jumped into the fray. While the former has just come out of the shell, the latter has already grown into a familiar team especially among the filmmaking fraternity.

It’s true that Video Animation always carried a serious amount of potential, but some harsh words have also been bestowed on it in the past. As per the reports, many parents have questioned the psychological effect of animation technology on their kids.

It’s widely believed that they can influence the children in many ways and the issue is that influence might not always come out from the positive end. Nevertheless, video animation still remains a thing to look out for in the future. A more of a revolutionary curve is expected to occur in its journey and it’s expected to turn up soon.

Types of Video Animation

Traditional Animation:

In this, Animators have to practically draw stuff on different frames before capturing each one of them. It’s a lengthy and pricey method which was the reason behind this process getting abandoned by the masses as soon as technology forayed in.

3D Animation:

Acting as a face of digital animation, 3D animation has widened the impact initially made by the animation industry. The basics of 3D animation very much resemble the ones needed for traditional animation but that’s where the similarities end. 3D animation has more to do with controlling things while traditional part focuses on creating them.

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