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Our order matching engine has a connection to the network for electronic trading


Transaction Router

It helps in managing the connections of TCP/IP socket. It is also effective.

Thus, the Transaction Router is one of the major parts of our order matching engine.

  • Submit any order to a related queue
  • Get the status of order

Market Order Queue

Internally, this queue helps in the application of queue for selling and buying orders. There is a partly filled market order and the priority of the order is must for implementation.


Limit Order Queue

It comprises the stop and the limit orders and this queue works for the sell and buy queue. With the right market price, this order is convertible to market order.

Why our matching engine is unique

We have created a leading order matching engine

Key Highlights
  • You can enjoy a trading session in a call auction-style
  • You can validate the alignment of order price and size of the minimum order
  • Get the best interface for managing the order

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Features of our order matching engine

Match your trades by using our custom platform

Advanced algorithms

We have integrated different algorithms for the easy trade allocation among the bids.


Our product does not consume much amount of resources and memory to present you with the effective result.

Real-time data

The special data server (WebSocket) helps in running any application with data streaming process.

Manage risk

The traders will be able to avoid risk due to the presence of risk management feature in our engine.

Order management

It comprises of different trading processes and tools to make them accessible to the users

Easy integrations

The users may integrate any technology, like File Stream, Message and Socket.

Market order and limit order

You can fill the market order at different price rates and this order is for selling and buying the product.

The limit order indicates the order for selling and purchasing at a definite price.

Our engine works for all these orders.

Stop order

You can deal with this order using our engine. You can place this order below the present market price. You may also call it as the stop-loss market orders.

Positive aspects of our matching engine

Our order matching engine is the resource to all the traders

Customizable engine

You can tailor our order matching engine, based on your business needs.

Safest solution

The use of Remote Password Protocol helps in securing the engine in the best way.

Highly private

Our engine assesses everything that is pre-set and then offers the right data for reporting.


While the market is volatile, you will be able to make simultaneous implementation of different engines.

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