Why Use SEO To Rank Your Website?
10 Jul

Why Use SEO To Rank Your Website?

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As you are reading this blog post, there are millions of people in the world right now, looking up something on the internet using a search engine and a few keywords. The results on the first page of their search engine entirely depend on the popularity of websites as well as the SEO strategy used by a website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important because it attracts useful traffic to your website, it attracts visitors who are already in the mindset of visiting a site like yours and if you’ve made your website attractive enough, chances are very high that they’ll end up using your services. SEO greatly affects sales, clicks, the loyalty of customers, upsells, and many other factors that result in the success of a website.

Biggest Fish in the Sea

Creating an attractive website is one thing, but no matter how good a website is, if a proper SEO strategy is not used then it will be a waste of money. SEO guides the customer to a website of their interest and then it becomes the responsibility of the website to hold the customer and provide them with services good enough to keep them loyal to the website.

In a sea full of businesses and service providers, a proper SEO can make your website the biggest fish in the sea in no time, it can make your website go from nothing to something to consider in a very short span of time.

Even if you are new in the business world, a proper SEO strategy paired with other Marketing strategies can make your audience believe that you’re an expert in the field, it can make you portray as a trustworthy service provider and make you stand out from the crowd.

Social Media Marketing

Another very important advantage of SEO  is that it creates a social media presence for a website. SEO provides tools using which a customer can share their experience, as well as products on their social media page with just a single click.

When someone shares a product or their experience of a website on their social media page, then it becomes more valuable than an ad because it becomes a personal recommendation to their friends and connections on social media, which results in more traffic and engagement on the website.

The attention created by SEO web design often gets noticed by influencers and critics of the industry, a recommendation or a shout-out from an established member of the industry can help your business grow far more rapidly than the normal rate. SEO web design can make influencers notice your potential and hard work and that creates a very huge difference in the business.

Money and Design

Even if you’re paying to promote your website through ads on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., just paying is not enough, SEO design comes into play in this scenario also. SEO makes sure that the user clicks on the ad of your company. When a user clicks on an ad, it takes the user on a journey and this is where SEO comes into play.

SEO makes this journey interesting and cancels out everything that comes between the user and the website, it makes sure that the user gets a comfortable and gripping experience on your website and revisits it in the future.

What Customers Think

In an online survey conducted by Fractl and MOZ, it was revealed that products are seen in search, customer reviews and online articles greatly affect the decision making of a customer. Over 1000 participants admitted that advertising and Marketing tactics greatly affect their opinion. And we all already know that SEO web design it one of the most important parts of the Online Marketing campaign.

A good SEO strategy along with a little investment can make your website outrank the competition and play a major role in the business booming process. To compete with the ever-increasing market, SEO web design works as a very important tool to attract customer attention.

Organic and Inorganic Traffic

SEO not only works to create inorganic traffic but it a proper strategy is used then it also generates great inorganic traffic as well. Inorganic traffic is used to refer to the traffic generated by paying for ads, and just by using proper Keywords, designs, and other such unpaid services.

Inorganic traffic is a little bit difficult to gain but it always turns out to be more trustworthy and brings more promising customers than organic or paid traffic. It is seen that organic search results create 50% of the total traffic around the web.

What Marketers Think

Over 30,000 UK marketers participated in a survey which revealed that 88% of them were convinced that SEO is a very important element while 66% of them said that it is extremely important.

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