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Top 10 Smart Contract Development Companies in Australia

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Smart contracts are gaining popularity as they automate and secure transactions through blockchain technology, simplifying business operations, improving security, and making transactions more efficient. Australia now has a fast-growing number of innovative contract development companies exceeding 200. Blockchain technology investment is estimated to increase from $20 million in 2020 to over $175 million by 2025.

Australian companies have been using blockchain technology to solve problems in the non-finance industry (such as logistics, healthcare, governance, and others). The industry has some very innovative smart contract development companies in Australia that are pioneers in developing secure, efficient, and accurate smart contracts.

This blog discusses Australia’s top 10 Smart Contract Development Companies, showcasing their expertise, industry focus, and standout features.

Webcom Systems

Webcom Systems, a renowned blockchain development firm in Adelaide, Australia, excels at smart contract development and offers various blockchain-related services. One of their services is Smart contract Development. Their experience covers blockchain consulting, smart contract design and implementation, ICO consulting, developing decentralized applications, and providing wallet and exchange solutions.

In the smart contract development service of Webcom Systems, businesses are empowered by automating transactions, optimizing efficiency, and creating secure and transparent interactions. The security characteristics of Webcom Systems’ smart contracts make them immutable, attack-resistant, and valid. They can be used in industries like healthcare, fintech startups, banks & stock trading companies, insurance, or logistics. Moreover, the company’s proficiency in implementing smart contracts on Ethereum Private Network and Hyperledger Corda platforms depicts its ability to deal with multiple platforms and be up-to-date with the latest technology.

In summary, Webcom Systems is Australia’s major smart contract development company, providing the most comprehensive range of blockchain-related services, primarily emphasizing smart contract development. With a record of delivering secure, reliable, and customized smart contract services, Webcom Systems has become a reliable partner of businesses that want to take advantage of the advantages of blockchain technology.


Labrys is Australia’s #1 smart contract company focusing on blockchain technology and Web3 smart contract development. They are highly sought-after specialists in building, evolving, and launching products with the blockchain infrastructure and the Web3 features. Being a full-scope development company, Labrys features many services, including smart contract development, web and mobile app development, custom enterprise software development, token, NFT creation, DeFi protocols, and cross-chain deployment.

One of the projects that Labrys is famous for is CSENS, an application created to incentivize business owners to be more sustainable and increase their profitability. The entire blockchain version was built based on 28 smart contracts, and it also included a wallet connected to the green payment gateway for merchants in addition to a Visa debit card. The initiative was recognized as the finalist of three Australian Fintech Awards, where Labrys received appreciation for its significant work.

Blockstars Technology

Blockstars Technology is a Web3 Development Company based in Robina, Queensland, Australia, and it holds the title of one of the most professional smart contract development companies. They assist companies in the developer recruitment process for the blockchain projects on which they work. The Blockstars Technology company team pays attention to Crypto, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence Business Integration to help companies stay current and find new customers, suppliers, or business partners. Besides, they have skills in designing smart contracts, which is very suitable for companies searching for advanced blockchain solutions. They have a team of over 70 people based in Australia, and they are known for the smart contracts and blockchain solutions that they use to boost business processes.

In the Australian market, Blockstars Technology is one of the leading smart contract development companies in blockchain, as it has consistently shown high professionalism. The level of professionals who provide services for smart contracts development and other blockchain-related services makes them vital partners to companies seeking to use blockchain technology’s power.


Blockchaintechs.io is a prominent smart contract development company in Australia. It is known for its expertise in blockchain technology and Web3 solutions. Blockchain Technologies provides various services, such as dApp development, smart contract development, and consulting on Blockchain technology.

Blockchain Technologies focuses on creating secure and transparent blockchain solutions that help businesses enhance profitability, reduce costs, and expand their operations. They create blockchain applications for various platforms, such as iOS and Android, using the latest tech tools like blockchain and AI.

Blockchaintechs.io is a prominent smart contract development company in Australia. It provides groundbreaking blockchain solutions, professional development services, and a dedication to helping enterprises use blockchain technology for their growth and development.

Blockchain Australia

Blockchain Australia is a top-notch smart contract development company based in Sydney, Australia. The company has already acquired an excellent reputation for its design-thinking approach, which includes understanding customer goals, requirements, and budget and ensuring that the right tech accomplishes their real needs. This way, the client can enjoy an individually designed solution that integrates harmoniously with their current platform environment.

Blockchain Australia’s colossal success should be highlighted. APAC Insider quoted The organization as the Best Blockchain Development Consultancy Firm of 2021. They promise the best solutions and are also a neutral partner to businesses willing to use blockchain technology.


Hashlock is an Australian company that offers blockchain cybersecurity and smart contract audits as its primary niche. They offer all services in the blockchain sector, including smart contract development. Discussing its strengths, Hashlock has a unique approach to smart contract development that uses manual analysis, security audits, and community auditing. There are distinct characteristics such as thorough audits, support during incidents, monitoring, and bug bounty programs that make the company a secure partner of blockchain applications comprising Dapps, tokens, NFTs,  and protocols. The worldwide coverage, low cost, reliable services, and security are the key reasons why Hashlock is a better option for developing smart contracts in Australia.

Smart Token Labs

Smart Token Labs is an Australian company specializing in writing smart contracts for composable smart token bridges that enable tokens to be the essential objects of ownership, identity, and interactions. The company launched a Web3 ecosystem in 2017 to link Web2 with Web3 via tokens as a communication medium. Smart Token Labs has built two core bridges to a tokenized future: TokenScript as a smart token interface and AlphaWallet as a super agent for intelligent tokens.

These bridges are meant to increase the number of network-tokenized use cases and create a large market free from borders. The development of smart contracts, dApps, DeFi, and NFTs, as well as the management of crypto exchanges, has made its impact evidently through the achievement of 1500+ smart contract projects and 500+ ICO tokens released for clients.

Smart Token Labs’ commitment to innovation and quality is also illustrated through its international recognition, making it stand out among renowned magazines such as Financial Times, CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, ES, Business Insider, and Fortune.


Virtual-Gravity is an Australian blockchain Company with experience in smart contracts implementation, web development, and mobile app development. Established in 2021, Virtual-Gravity is a service provider mainly for blockchain startups in the Australian market. The company aims to develop and design smart contract protocols that will substitute for partners in conducting transactions. These protocols will act as a platform to eliminate the intermediary who charges commission and increase efficiency, security, and transparency. Virtual-Gravity specializes in implementing Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to develop decentralized solutions for businesses. This enables such companies to use the utmost benefits of blockchain technology. Smart contract solutions by Virtual-Gravity are expected to be a real game changer in how companies operate digitally, enhancing their processes and executions, decreasing operations costs, and increasing employees’ trust.

PAC Blockchain

PAC Blockchain, an Australian-based smart contracts development company, brings business-related services to companies. They design and execute smart contracts and deploy blockchain applications, too. PAC Blockchain provides smart contracts with high security and transaction efficiency, which are the tools to help businesses perform operations well and build a trusty environment for financial activities. With the help of blockchain technology, PAC Blockchain offers the possibility of transparency, immutability, and automation in all of the business processes it deals with. They serve many different industries, providing industry-specific smart contract solutions with a focus on the particular needs of each client. The notion of security and reliability is of great importance in all business agreements and transactions. As a result, PAC Blockchain plays a crucial role in revolutionizing how people make digital agreements and transactions.

PAC Blockchain’s smart contract development services are designed to revolutionize businesses’ operations, providing cutting-edge expertise, a security-first approach, cost-efficiency, transparency, accuracy, custom solutions, risk mitigation, and compliance. The company’s team of experienced blockchain specialists guarantees that each smart contract is accurately written by taking into account special needs and aligning them with business objectives while at the same time strengthening the security systems.

Red Belly Blockchain

Red Belly Blockchain is an Australian smart contract development company. It has gained recognition for its most advanced blockchain project and cutting-edge technology.

The company is headed by Vincent Gramoli, one of the inventors of Red Belly Blockchain. It is part of the ACS Blockchain Committee, which consists of several leading blockchain experts from Australia. Red Belly Blockchain was developed to support high speeds to ensure impossible forking and minimize double spending with almost finality.

What sets the company’s team of experienced blockchain developers apart is their ability to build secure contracts and provide ongoing support and maintenance services to keep software solutions in good working condition. Red Belly Blockchain is a top smart contract development company in Australia that offers high-quality, innovative, and advanced blockchain solutions to businesses from different industries.

In a Nutshell,

The top 10 smart contract development companies in Australia are well-known for their expertise in smart contract development solutions, eventually leading to the widespread acceptance of blockchain technology in different industries. These firms are at the forefront of revolutionizing finance, healthcare, supply chain, real estate, and more through their advanced platforms, user-friendly applications, and tailored consultancy services. Factors to be considered in choosing a smart contract development company include the company’s experience, records, industry experience, project portfolio, client testimonials, communication style, pricing, and alignment with specific project requirements to have a successful partnership. With a dedicated team, rigorous security measures, and a focus on client engagement, these top smart contract development companies in Australia empower businesses to streamline interactions, drive satisfaction and loyalty, and enhance operational efficiency.

Webcom Systems is one of Australia’s top ten Smart Contract Development Companies. It is the ideal company for businesses looking for reliable and robust smart contract solutions. Their commitment to excellence and a track record of delivering cutting-edge blockchain services make them stand out in the Australian market. Count on Webcom Systems to power your business with secure, fast, and tailor-made smart contracts that take you to new heights of success on the blockchain.

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