10 SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Web Design
29 Aug

10 SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Web Design

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How are SEO and Web Design Related?

It’s simple. You need a well-designed, unique and attractive website to stand apart from the rest. But, if in spite of perfect designing, the website fails to appear in the top 10 results on the search engine, then it definitely lacks good SEO techniques.

If you’re a business in Australia looking to expand, then you need a web design agency Adelaide like Webcom Systems that can offer effective SEO tips on improving website design for your business.

  1. Make site-navigation search-engine friendly

The worst enemy to easy website navigation is using Flash on your site, especially if you don’t know how to make it accessible to users and search engines. The latter can really face a tough time trying to crawl a Flash website. Instead, go for CSS and JavaScript.

  1. Focus on content

Search engines would pick your website from the million others in competition based on the content it provides, so don’t neglect this important aspect of web design. Structure your content well in terms of title, meta title, short paragraphs, sufficient keyword placement, and links.

  1. Choose a search-friendly URL

A URL that has your top keyword in it, essentially describing the content, is more likely to be searched by users and web search engines both. Webcom Systems is a website designer Adelaide that can help you in this regard.

  1. Block pages that add no value to search engine index

There might be some pages on your website like server-side scripts or those which you might be using to test the web design during the development stage. Make sure to block them so that search engines do not index them during crawling.

  1. Keep updating your content

Content sells like hotcakes while it is still fresh. Nobody wants to read what they already have on your website or on others. The key is to keep updating it with new content, keywords, images, and more links, so that they are liked by users and search engines alike.

  1. Keep meta data unique

The most common mistake a web designing company Australia might attempt while designing on a standard website template is to change its meta data – page title, description, and keywords. This would cause all the site pages to use the same information on the original placeholder.

  1. Optimize your images too

Not just the text, your images need to be SEO-friendly too for your content to earn higher search engine rankings. Keep them small; large images reduce site load speed.

  1. Make your site responsive

One-sided information bombardment on the website can put off visitors. Make your site interactive and responsive to readers’ needs – include feedback forums, chat boxes for assistance, etc.

  1. Make the site usable on multiple platforms

Your site should have web and mobile-friendly versions both. It’s likely to attract higher site traffic this way since most users would find mobile versions more comfortable.

  1. Create sitemaps

A sitemap is the best way to inform the search engine of any recent changes in your site design so that it gets indexed faster than others.

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