How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Agency To Build An App?
17 Sep

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Agency To Build An App?

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Apps or applications are one of the best ways to make your business presence felt in the online world. The reason is simple – most of your target audience uses mobile phones for all their needs – from groceries to shopping, dining to booking a ride. In this scenario, your business app makes your company visible to your audience at all times.

Cost of Mobile App Development Australia

There’s one simple rule for determining the cost of app development worldwide. The price varies according to the complexity of the app designed. This means that the simplest app with some basic simple features would cost the lowest. And as the level of complexity increases, the rates of app developers also increase proportionally.

Although the cost of app development Adelaide would keep fluctuating year after year, we’ve tried to give you a basic idea here of what app development agencies in Australia would charge you roughly.

The cost of developing a mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms for the Australian market could be somewhere around $110/hour. Also, if you’re looking for relatively cheaper options, there are Australian hackers who’d be willing to develop mobile apps at a cost ranging between $35-$150/hour.

Why do you Need Apps for your Business?

Increase your Visibility

Let’s face it. If you’re a small or a new business, it’s difficult to make your presence felt in the neighbourhood. But with a mobile app, you can let the entire locality know of your brand, the services you offer, and your USP in the domain. Your customers spend nearly half their time online, especially on their smartphones, so it’s easiest to reach them via this platform.

Beat the Competition

Be the first to launch an app for your service in the neighbourhood and prove to your target customers that you’re one apart from the competition. Not only would they like your unique approach of reaching them, but they would also highly appreciate the convenience offered.

Offer Better Customer Convenience

Increased convenience to your customers directly related to higher sales and improved ROI. When your audience gets whatever they want sitting at home just by a single click on your service app, why’d they want to go elsewhere? So you’ve succeeded in establishing great customer loyalty.

Include Better Features

With an application, whether web or mobile, you can actually incorporate several improved features which may not otherwise be available on your website. One example here which could of particular use to your business is the messaging/customer support feature on an app, which facilitates communication with your customers in the easiest and fastest manner possible.

High-Quality Affordable App Development

We at Webcom Systems pride ourselves in being world-class mobile app developers Adelaide. Our team is proficient in this domain and offers excellent services at competitive rates. Call us today for a quote.

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