How Much Does It Cost to Develop a FinTech App?
18 Apr

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a FinTech App?

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The Fintech business, like any other, is maturing with the passage of time. Fintech app development is quickly becoming a market hot trend. Looking back at 2018, the industry took a leap and managed to achieve around $112 billion.

With the aid of contemporary technology, the whole financial industry is rapidly expanding. The rivalry in the fintech business is stronger than in other industries due to the industry’s constant expansion. Not only is there rivalry in this area, but there are also tremendous prospects for firms that invest in it.

The financial industry is developing at an unfathomable rate due to technological advancements. Given such, there is no common definition of Fintech; it simply refers to the evolution of finance via the use of technology to struggle with their day-to-day financial activities.

Building a fintech app is not easy, firms must be on their toes and have a sense of both finance and technology. If you employ financial software development, you may create an infinite number of apps.

However, many organizations don’t comprehend how much a fintech app costs, what features they should consider, and what they shouldn’t because of a lack of knowledge or expertise in designing.

Let’s take a look at all these so that it becomes easy for the one who is thinking of getting a fintech app developed.

What is a fintech app?

Fintech applications (also known as financial technology apps) are widely used nowadays because they have altered the way firms operate. Because of this business, electronic transactions have become considerably more convenient for individuals. Fintech firms arose in response to the need for a more efficient financial system.

fintech App DevelopmentPersonal Capital, Lending Club, Kabbage, and Wealthfront are examples of well-known FinTech businesses that have developed in the last decade, bringing fresh twists on financial principles and allowing individuals to have greater control over their financial results.

Types of fintech applications

Many of you may be familiar with the term “fintech” and how it may alter the course of your business. When we think about fintech, several names spring to mind, such as digital wallets, asset management, secure payment gateways, asset management, and other business-friendly software advancements.

If we separate the essential fintech apps, we can clearly divide these applications as follows:

  1. Banking apps
  2. Stock-related applications.
  3. Mobile apps developed to support payment gateways
  4. Bitcoins, cryptocurrencies development using blockchain.

Why should you invest in fintech applications?

With more industry participants, there is little question that fintech startups and Fintech App Development Companies can create a more compelling investment case for major entrants in this sector to aggressively invest in Fintech Software Development Services.

There are 10 main reasons you should invest in fintech apps:

  1. Need for Lower Service Costs
  2. Cash is Quickly Turning Digital
  3. Significance of Data
  4. The App Space
  5. Today, Mobile is your Wallet
  6. Bank Functionalities turning Limited
  7. Prospective Acquirers have Deep Pockets
  8. Importance of Financial Data Security
  9. Swift Blockchain Penetration
  10. Strict Regulations

Cost to develop a complete fintech application

Whether you manage a huge corporation or a start-up, the cost of software development is always a crucial deciding factor for everyone. Each company has its own set of objectives, mission, and vision, but they all desire to stay within their financial constraints.

The cost of a fintech app is determined by a variety of criteria, including the app’s complexity and functionality, the needed team structure and tech stack, the experience and location of the chosen fintech app development business, third-party API integration, and so on. These considerations might help you figure out how much it will cost to design a FinTech app.

Based on the many factors evaluated by the fintech software development business, the overall cost to design a Fintech app with all of the essential features and functionality would be roughly $15,000 to $35,000 with all of the required features and functionality. This budget will be increased if a cross-platform Fintech app with best-in-class functionality is desired.

What is the cost of maintenance?

Maintenance and security are critical factors in the banking business. If you create a FinTech application, make sure to keep it up to date on a regular basis. It will ensure that there are no severe flaws or security problems that might jeopardize the user’s money or bank account information. Previously, the cost of maintaining a simple app was small, but with cutting-edge developments in the industry, its needs are increasing. If your mobile banking app transfers, receives, or stores money for consumers, your yearly maintenance fees will be substantial.

Because there are several critical features of a mobile banking application. Maintenance expenditures are costly to provide a quality, secure, and dependable User Experience, to mention a few. Your yearly maintenance costs may vary based on the number of users, the complexity of your application, and the amount of data you have access to.

Fintech App Development Cost Influencing Factors

If you ask an app development business, they will tell you how much it costs to design a mobile app for financial services. However, as a banker and member of the Fintech business, you are aware of the elements that contribute to the cost swing from low to high.

There are several elements that influence development costs. It begins with the functionality and progresses to the maintenance costs, testing, adding new features, and adopting newer technologies such as blockchain within the app for increased security.


It would be an understatement to suggest that Fintech applications are game-changers. Each bank has its own set of standards that fintech apps must assist them to satisfy. Despite this, all of these banking institutions have one goal in common: to serve their customers. And creating applications is the most practical method to do it.

Developers are focused on anticipating customer wants and providing feature-rich, dependable mobile applications. These functionalities might range from merely seeing the bank account to completing money transactions, credit card data, and other similar functions.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to join the market with a full-fledged app, this tutorial is a good place to start since it will help you achieve your app’s aim of delighting app users.

Webcom systems, a prominent financial software development firm, offers end-to-end solutions with a primary focus on client security and enjoyment. If you’re looking for a good mobile app development firm, let’s talk about it and see what we can achieve together!

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