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Have a control over Exchange Platform

We have created an advanced exchange platform, where the users will face no issue with their fund

  • The Platform has been made with the latest PHP technology and framework of NodeJS
  • There will be no risk in digital transactions
  • Your customers will be able to trade with their fund smoothly

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Integrate a number of APIs

We have made it easier for you to deal with all types of transactions. Your financial processes will become highly optimized with the use of our platform. For any new digital asset, we make sure that it has been integrated to our platform.

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The best online marketplace

We develop the platform for digital asset enthusiasts and professional traders. Our platform helps in the smooth communication of digital currency sellers and buyers- users’ registration. How our platform works

Key Highlights
  • Get a wallet
  • Store an asset
  • Start a transaction
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Features of our product

We have created the best structure for our digital asset exchange platform

Risk control

Manage the order book and exchange rate every day, and set different rules for trading.

2-Factor authentication

It ensures high security level for all the users. We make sure that cyber criminals will not be able to access your account.

Low maintenance

Our developers and engineers present you with a simple solution that needs no maintenance.


Integrate third party application with our versatile platform..

Highly regulated

We create PHP based Digital Asset Exchange platform, where you have to do your activities through HTTP using SSL.

Executable order

Our platform is capable of processing few thousand transactions in every second.

Platform for direct trade

This platform presents useful tools for making online deals in digital assets between various users. The special features are:

  • No dependence on the market-set prices
  • Digital asset traders define exchange rates.

Brokerage platform

In this case, the potential customers get the chance to purchase digital assets at the agent-defined exchange rate.

Our major task is to create this type of platform to help you in trading.

  • Agents act as the currency brokers
  • You can start trading as a service provider or trader

Why to invest on our platform

Use our platform for having transaction with virtual currency


Use our exchange platform without having concern of any effect on your network.

Open source

We can review, audit and inspect the codes of our platform.

Technical knowledge

Our engineers have high technical skills and strong background on digital asset exchange services.

Customized product

Our high-end customized product is best for all the businesses.

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