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Transform care via seamless communication, efficiency, compliance within an all-inclusive platform.

Infusing Tech with Compassion for
Empowered Collaboration

Within disability service challenges, seamless team collaboration
and participant communication demand attention. NDIS CRM solves these growing complexities.


Welcome to the NDIS CRM Participant Hub where Empowerment Meets Progress

Focused on delivering highly personalized care to NDIS participants. Manage funds, NDIS goals, risk, record progress notes, behavior logs, feedback and a lot more here.

  • Detailed Participant Profiles
    Customizable Goal Setting
  • Performance Metrics Tracking
  • Stakeholder Details
  • Secure Access Controls
  • Appointments & Meetings
  • Communication Logs
  • Incidents and Injury Reports
  • Restrictive Practice Logs
  • HealthCare Observations

Welcome to the NDIS CRM Staff Hub where Exceptional Care Meets Team Strength

We connect all your teams with everything needed to coordinate shifts and assets, coordinate participants and provide exceptional quality care wherever they are.

  • Document Expiry Alerts
  • Policies Management
  • Performance Metrics Tracking
  • Participant / Teams Details
  • Tailored Information Access
  • Role Based Access
  • Tickets Management
  • Asset Maintenance Requests

Welcome to the NDIS CRM Dashboard, Your Command Centre for Informed Actions

Uncover trends effortlessly with our Business Intelligence Tool. Real-time data analytics & notifications ensure vital insights never slip by for informed decisions.

  • Actionable Metrics Tracking
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Documents Expiry Status
  • Incidents and Types Monitoring
  • Open Support Tickets Status
  • Assets Maintenance Monitoring
  • Appointments & Meetings Schedules
  • Expenses Tracking

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Attributes Redefining Our Solution

Discover how our platform stands out in providing exceptional features and services.

Expiry Reminders

Automated alerts for document expirations, supporting various file formats for uploads.

Secure Data Access

SaaS model with AWS hosting, robust encryption and exclusive local data center storage.

Flexible Support

Our dedicated and skilled Tier 1 and 2 team offering exceptional customer care 24*7.

Continuous Upgrades

Seamless integration of new technologies for perpetual platform enhancement.

Secure authentication

Riders are sent a unique one-time password via sms and email to complete the authentication process for successful registration.

Dedicated Test Environment

On-demand training/testing space, accessible upon request through the Contact page.

Digital Vault of Seamless Organization

Explore NDIS CRM’s Documents Hub, Redefining Management for Effortless Ease.

Reports Ahead of Time

Easily generate reports predicting expiry dates for crucial documents like NDIS Plans and Service Agreements.

Safe and Central Storage

Our platform offers a secure storage haven for valuable NDIS assets – from letters to plans, schedules, photos and videos.

Simplified Uploads, Swift Access

Swiftly upload files by drag & drop feature. Preview without downloads, upload multiples at once and utilize smart filters for quick file searches.

Your Start-to-Finish Guardian of NDIS Compliance

Upholding Compliance Excellence at Every Operational Turn with NDIS CRM

Privacy, Elevated Confidence

Effortlessly control data access, safeguarding sensitive information with restricted access. Tailor privileges based on each staff member’s role.

Effortless Document Management

Automated reminders keep your team in sync with regulatory demands & documents validity. Never miss a deadline, customize alerts for renewing compliance documents.

Comprehensive Incident Records

Document incidents in real-time with customizable headings, ensuring every crucial detail is captured promptly, ensuring compliance is maintained at all times

NDIS CRM Where Care Shapes Lives

NDIS CRM is more than software, it’s a thriving community. In a world where every connection counts, experience the unparalleled strength of seamless communication and maintaining regulatory excellence.

Efficiency Amplified

Drastically Reduce Admin Time while Ensuring Industry-Leading Security. Invest Your Precious Time Where It Matters Most – Delivering Exceptional Quality Care.

Personalized Control

With our advanced setup, tailor permissions effortlessly. Whether it’s viewing, creating, updating or deleting – empower every stakeholder effortlessly.

Empowering Your Organization

Maximize revenue, slash admin costs and elevate service delivery. Our reporting and analytics align with NDIS principles, fostering a responsible business approach.

Admini’s Seamless Control

We’re more than tech, we’re your partners in progress! Connect effortlessly with Staff and Participant for unparalleled management capabilities.

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