Why Responsive Web Design is Important in 2020
29 Oct

Why Responsive Web Design is Important in 2020

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Digitalization, as we call it today, has taken control over a lot of basic tasks from our everyday lives in the most possible way. It has made people aware of the small businesses that are comparatively doing well in the market once they chose to get digitized. Most entrepreneurs decide to set their foot on this platform through websites. Why websites, you ask? Because websites provide a clear image of all goods and services to the consumer. But what attracts people towards their website is how well they have designed their web. And to receive this goal is why we need a Responsive Web Design. 

What is RWD (Responsive Web Designs)?

When the internet started, people used to browse only on their computers or laptops because of which the size and design of the web pages were rigid. But things evolved when people were browsing most of the web on their smartphones, which caused trouble to fix sized web pages as they were too large to fit into the viewports.

To fix this issue is why people needed the new concept of RWD (Responsive Web Designs). RWD is the technology of addressing web pages so that it scales the element which can meet the different size of window or screen on a variety of gadgets. In simple words, the main goal of the Responsive Web design is to make your web pages look:

  •     Presentable
  •     Ethical
  •     Organized
  •     Clear to understand
  •     On Point

No matter how flawless your client service is, you better sell the sizzle, not the steak. Your website should be accessible from all locations. If the first impression you create on your clients is messy or unorganized, then they might expect the same standard from your services offered and would probably not want to spend much time on your site.

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Benefits of RWD (Responsive Web Designs)

So far, we have learned what the purpose of Responsive Web design is and how it gives users an optimized browsing experience. But what are the crucial benefits of Responsive design?

Let us take a look below at the importance of Responsive Web Design in 2020: 

  1. Flexibility – It reduces the workload of maintaining a website on two different platforms. Whether you are browsing the web on your PC or smartphone, it will automatically get fit into the size structure of your device. It also makes it cost-effective and easy to manage.
  1. User–Friendly – With the Responsive web, your website will not take hours to load just because of a picture or video of improper resolution. It will make your site look neat and organized. Unprofessional designs and structure will not make your targeted audience spend much time on your site.
  1. Improved performance on SEO – Search engine in their results shows the list of websites that are fast, effective, and mobile-friendly. To achieve these characteristics, we need Responsive Web Designing services that will be leading to better results on SEO.
  1. Marketing – RWD not only gives flexibility to the users but also increases loading speed on their web, which results in more footfalls on the website. It boosts the marketing of the website that can make a huge difference.
  1. Lower Bounce RatesWhen we improve the structure and in-build of a website, it automatically makes people more engaging towards the website resulting in a reduction in the bounce rates.

How to make your websites responsive?

After understanding the objective and importance of RWD, we are further going to discuss how we can make a website responsive. There are several tricks and techniques through which you can apply the concept of Responsive Web Designing on your websites. A few of them are listed below:

  1. Adaptive images – These images automatically detect the screen size of any device and transport the re-scaled version of the picture that fits into the size of the device accordingly without any requirement of mark-up changes.
  1. Lucid Language – Lucid is a programming language. If all the information that we are holding up on the site is in lucid-language, then it becomes super easy for users to access and for the website creator to build the website elegantly.
  1. Elegant format – Do not overdecorate your website with colours or designs because then it will become hard for the customers to read and will make the speed of your website slow.
  1. Select the right style – Typography is a necessary tool for responsive websites. However, a lot of website builders tend to ignore it. The point type and font size should be understandable and also fit into all types of screen sizes. 


In Conclusion, we got to know how important web design is for any e-commerce, corporate businesses, or even for the NGO to work efficiently and reach out to the targeted audiences. Without proper formatting and design, things may fall apart for you in the digital marketing. Therefore, people must invest in Responsive web designing services as it can flourish one’s business and will make the brand look top-notch. “So when there are so many fruits in the basket, why would you miss your window?”

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